About Bra la Vie!

Lingerie is the complex layer of a woman that exists between her inside and the outside she shows to the world. Lingerie is like an internal smile. Even if nobody sees what’s actually underneath, the impression radiates to the outside and draws others to you. Everybody loves confidence, and beautiful lingerie instills confidence.  Lingerie is quintessentially female and it is our mission to nurture women’s spirit by providing beautiful products.

Our desire is to empower and uplift women by helping women of all body types look and feel better. To enhance a woman’s sense of inner beauty through her most intimate foundations it is essential that her undergarments fit properly. At Bra la Vie! we will custom fit bras in a wide range of styles. We have basic everyday bras, sports bras, and of course we carry fun, flirty bras. In addition we have a wide range of lingerie with a beautiful bridal section.

So we’re here to help you find the perfect bra or lingerie set for your body type to suit the unique and special style that is all your own. Bra la Vie! is committed to serving the fit, comfort, and definition needs of women of all shapes and sizes. We are passionate and compassionate about uplifting women in all stages of life.

Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment where women of all ages can come and feel special, pampered and beautiful. Only a boutique can offer this type of unique, expert experience. At Bra la Vie! we strive to give every woman what she is looking for by offering a large selection of high quality bras and lingerie. We want to connect with women and help guide them to the best fit in a safe, comfortable environment.