Tips for Men

Lingerie is a very personal gift - similar to jewelry, but more personal. It’s the gift appropriate only for your intimate partner.

Tip I:

Lingerie is something both giver and receiver should enjoy.

Tip II:

Start slowly and work your way up - don’t start with the skimpiest, sheerest thing you can find.

Tip III:

Get in the habit of buying lingerie early in a relationship. Giving lingerie shows her you think she deserves to be pampered and spoiled with luxuries befitting a queen.

Tip IV:

Do some detective work before shopping. Sneak a peek inside her lingerie collection - check out a few tags because size varies from brand to brand.

Tip V:

Bra sizing can be very tricky. Chemises, slips, nighties, & robes are more forgiving.

Tip VI:

Come prepared to talk about what she likes and looks good in. Start by eliminating anything that accentuates a body part she’s sensitive about.

  • hips or thighs: chemise, slip, PJ’s that flow loosely over that area
  • derriere: same - choose fabrics that drape and don’t cling
  • cellulite - chemise that hits at the knee and skims the body or gown with an open back that shows off the body part she likes. Fishnet stockings always makes the legs look amazing
  • tummy or waist - try a babydoll
  • large breast - camisoles or nightgowns with extra support
  • small breasts - camisoles and nighties with ruffles, ribbons and lace over the bodice
  • legs - try a long gown or silk PJ’s
  • upper arms - something with sleeves
  • pregnant - poet shirts, items with empire waists

Tip VII:

Never underestimate the value of a gift card


Gift wrap it - we love pretty packages and silky ribbons. It’s like lingerie - leads to the present within!!!


Know what’s out there. Here’s a helpful glossary of lingerie.

Babydoll ~ A-line-shaped top that barely covers your bottom and usually comes with a matching panty. Some styles have a split up the middle - it can be sweet or sensuous.

Teddy ~ A one-piece garment that fastens at the crotch. It may be loose fitting or tight, made from stretchy fabric with a thong bottom and a bra-style top, or any variation in between.

Chemise ~ A variable-length nightie. It may be made of slinky forgiving fabric that drapes simply over the body

Camisole ~ a very versatile piece - can be worn under just about anything from skimpy summer tops, plunging necklines, or under business suits.

Nightie ~ Typically long, calf, or ankle-length gowns made from silk, satin, lace or cotton

Slip ~ Comes in variable lengths and keeps dresses from clinging or be layered as edgy fashion statements.

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